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About Marsha Casper Cook -  Author    

Join Fran Lewis on March 27 at 4 PM EST 3PM CST  for a very special celebration of Women’s History Month. She will be spotlighting the work and careers of several outstanding women writers, authors, publicists and agents. Welcome the President of Michigan Avenue Media: Marsha Cook: Multi-talented author of both romance and children’s books. Counter Culture Diva : Dolores Deluce the author of My Life if A Four Letter Word. Dr. Maxine Thompson: author, literary agent and publicist, the author of Lily Speaks Out and Alterations: Rita Plush, the author of Leo the Prince Maker: Journeys in 3D Printing : Carla Diana and a surprise NY Times best selling romance novelist. Today’s discussion will center on : Creating that strong female character, their careers as writers, authors, why they decided to become authors, to create a strong male/female scene that readers will want more of and general questions about their books. Carla’s book deals with 3D printing and we will talk about how she as the main character in the book created Leo.

Join me in the chat room and please feel free to ask the authors questions.

This will be a great way to round out Women’s History Month. I am your host Fran Lewis: The editor of MJ magazine and the author of 11 titles.


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